Ad Spotlight: Jimmy Dean (Solar System) – Shine On

It takes a lot of man hours and money to make an ad that lasts for only 30 seconds on TV. In fact, the average cost for a 30 second TV spot is $200,000. As for hours? Well it varies!

As an avid TV viewer, I’ve probably seen hundreds of commercials every week, and from time to time, one ad will stand out from the rest. One particular TV ad has caught my attention. The Jimmy Dean Breakfast TV spots has made quite an impression on me. This commercial in particular, has the Sun as the main character. He is a father in suburbia, and lately, you may have seen him at work, doing some duties only a Sun may only know and do. But here, the Sun is representing breakfast — the most important meal of the day to keep you active and energized.

I picked a particular Jimmy Dean ad that I thought was very clever. In this ad, you see the solar system orbiting around the Sun. The only thing is that the planets are restless, on the floor, lacking of energy.  Mr. Sun asked them, “Who hasn’t had their Jimmy Dean this morning?” and offered each of them a breakfast sausage croissant. After a bite, the planets finally orbit with great and to quote one planet, they also “feel awesome.”

If you watch the ad carefully, I also noticed they picked two women to play Earth and Venus, as both of these planets symbolically represent goddesses in mythology.

Little details like these do go a long way, and it takes smart creatives to pull it off.

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