Caller 15.

I never won anything off the radio station before, but I did today!

Mix 106.5 [San Jose, CA] was giving away free tickets to see Sara Bareilles play a private concert at Hotel De Anza in Downtown San Jose this Friday, June 11. So today during lunch, as we were eating our grub, the radio announced another opportunity to call and win those tickets. They want Caller 15.

I programmed their number into my speed dial. The phone rang. I got through. I was caller five. Dangit!

My coworker called. It rang. She got through. Caller 9.

At this time, we saw our chances getting slimmer by the minute. We were already anticipating the end, but we weren’t going to give up that fast. My other coworker couldn’t get the numbers right. That was a failed attempt.

I called again. Busy. I called again. The phone rang. I was already dreading to be rejected. She answered and said…

“Caller 15.”


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