Ad Spotlight: Neutrogena – Skin care and brand loyalty

If you have been watching a lot of TV lately like I do, chances are, you have seen that Neutrogena Anti-wrinkle cream ad with Diane Lane.

The ad resonates to women, particularly long-time Neutrogena users. It started off by saying when they were teens, Neutrogena helped them have clear skin with the amber bar. Now that they’ve evolved to womanhood, Neutrogena is now helping them reduce the signs of wrinkles with the anti-wrinkle cream. As women age, they want something that will help them enhance their looks, maintain their beauty, and embrace their age.

Neutrogena users have been around for years. They are loyal women who trust the brand and will pass along the experience and knowledge of what the brand has to offer to the next generation: Their children. Their daughters. The commercial targets the loyal and lifetime users of the brand. As they have grown to like the brand, they are more likely to purchase other products from their line that suits their needs.

Neutrogena made a promise to deliver real results. Consumers trust them, and building that trust creates a lifelong relationships with the brand, experts and individuals like us.

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