Feed Me: German 80 was a Success!

Yessss! The German 80 shirts rose to the occasion! Everybody loved it, especially my grandpa. When he got to the door, he was certainly surprised at what he saw right before his eyes: all of us were sporting the shirts and singing “Happy Birthday.” Nothing can top that!

If you know my grandpa, he usually wears this shirt my mother got him from Orlando, FL some years ago. Well, it’s just a shirt that says “Orlando”, and he wears it quite often. Hopefully with this custom-made shirt, this will become his favorite apparel to wear. But then again, it could go the other way. He may not want to wear it because it may fade, and the novelty will “wear off.”

It doesn’t really matter what he does. He loved the shirt, and that’s all that matters.

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2 thoughts on “Feed Me: German 80 was a Success!

  1. fun pictures. is that your foot sticking out in the second one? it looks like it’s about to accidentally kung fu kick your grandpa.

    1. Haha…no..that’s my cousin doing the “Happy birthday” dance!

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