What’s going on?

So, I have been fairly busy with projects, work, and I’m finally on the verge trying to find gigs on the side. That’s a lot of work for little ol’ me!

I finally finished my Life Design Cards (find the rest in my portfolio under print) in a form of an old-fashioned journal, and now it’s time to present them in a more interactive way. I actually haven’t decided on how I’m going to execute my idea for this third class project, but the goal is to have each cards come together to tell a story. Project two was just create your Life Design Cards, and present it to the class. This? Well…I actually have to turn the existing cards into an on-screen interactive or animated presentation.

How am I supposed to deliver this project?

We are given the option to use Flash, PowerPoint, or any other software that can help with this presentation. I would love to learn how to use Flash, but I don’t think this is the right time or the right project to learn the software. Maybe later on I will when I have more than two weeks. I’m pressed for time.

I do have some thoughts floating around in my head in tangents. And I can’t even express them in words, so I’m not even going to try right now.

In two weeks I will try to post up the project. I’ll surprise you.

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