Ad Spotlight: Tiger Woods’ New Nike Ad

OK. Honestly, I don’t know what to say about the ad other than it’s a little creepy. Compelling? I — don’t know about that either. If this is PR’s work, it wasn’t very successful (In my opinion).

I’m not the best person to show compassion to Tiger Woods, but in the world of golf, his presence is direfully needed. He has become the icon of the sport…the icon of Nike Golf, but he has tainted his image to everyone who admires him. You can make the comparison to the Kobe Bryant scandal, but this one just went off the roof when it comes to being unfaithful to his wife — over and over and over and over (to the 20th power or more) again.

In this ad, Tiger solemnly stares into the camera, as if his late father was talking to him. The voice asks him if he thought about what he was doing…if he learned anything from it. An open discussion, only we are left to interpret it.

Nike’s golden boy…what has become of Tiger?

Do you think he just dug a deeper hole? What was Nike’s intention? Is this the best example of damage control?

This ad left a sour taste in my mouth. It might have caused him more harm than good.

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