…and the countdown begins.

It has been ages since I’ve been back to Texas. Five years to be exact. I never thought that I would really go back again for a visit — not for a long time anyway, but I guess this time is the right time. It’s been long overdue, and I do owe this to my friends, and to myself as well. Since living here in California, I have become a different person. Good or bad, I’ve evolved into something that I, myself, couldn’t have ever imagined. I’ve experienced so many things, seen so many places, met so many people, that all I wanted to do is continue on with this streak. As good as California is to me…Texas is still the place where I still feel like home.

Some of the best people whom I call friends live there, and well…they’re going to have a treat with a visit from dear ol’ me.

I’ve made some plans on places to eat, see, and do once I step foot in Big D. Visit the old high school, eat some good Texas BBQ, hang out and go out with some friends…I have to make do of the time I have there. Two and half days in Dallas, and another two and a half in Austin will be a whirlwind trip, so everything needs to be planned out accordingly.

I can’t wait! I have a month to plan and people to call and Facebook…this trip will be awesome!


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