Feed Me: Thank You For Being A Friend…

They may be the original Sex and the City.

It’s 11 o’clock p.m., and I shuffle around for my remote control to change the channel to 66, The Hallmark Channel. I’ve seen every episode, but it never seized to amaze me that I can still watch this show and laugh each time something funny happens. The Golden Girls has a special place in my heart as my late-night guilty pleasure.

I used to watch this show as a kid in the Philippines with my grandmother. Back then, I didn’t know what was going on. What these women were talking about was a mystery to me. I understood the language, but the context was out of my comprehension. As I grew older, the subjects and innuendos being talked about became second nature to me. Older women talking about sex however was unfathomable.

If that doesn’t fill the void, nothing will

– From: That’s What Bea Said

These girls are like my  friends. Someone whom I would love to have a conversation with. Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche are extraordinary women who are capable of putting a smile on my face. With four episodes back-to-back, my hunger for laughter curbed my appetite and satisfied my needs.

I live by Rose’s Saint Olaf Words of Wisdom. Sophia’s “Picture it” anecdotes, Dorothy’s sarcasm, and Blanche’s desire for ultimate satisfaction. Now if only I can find three other girls to eat cheesecake with late at night and talk about our life’s daily quests…

They’re all winners. Witty women with great comedic gene…something that shows these days are lacking. Take a lesson from these people. They are epic– they are The Golden Girls.

For your viewing pleasure. A short skit from the girls:

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