It’s Friday night, I am at the forefront of the beginning of Spring Break, and I’m starting it off by staying-in at home. OK? Now I could be out with friends celebrating the end of a hard week’s work, but I’m just tired! It’s been a while since I have spent a Friday night at home. To tell the truth, I find this utterly refreshing. I have options to go out. I always have the option to be somewhere, but do I really want to join the Friday night ritual and paint the town red? Not tonight.

Tonight, I’m about to commemorate my Sometimes-It’s-Annual Spring Cleaning Event. I’ve made a list of things I want to tackle by the end of this coming week, and they are all marked on my calendar. I started with laundry last night, and I cleaned my toilet bowl this morning before going to work. Really? Yeah, I know. Right now, an NBC Dateline two-hour special about a man who has everything, accused of murdering his wife because of some chocolate cake, and a murder on Valentine’s Day — accompanied by last night’s laundry…folding each article of clothing and stacking them neatly before they go into their final resting place.

Next, pack some clothes overnight for a trip to Sacramento to spend some time with cousin, sister, and mother. Some sort of “Girls Night Out.” I still need to figure out what clothes to bring. I hate over packing. Especially if it’s just for the weekend.

So you see, I’m not sorry staying-in on a Friday night. Saturday night will make up for it. To close this evening, I’m going to retire for the night and continue to read Wicked. Remind me to cross that off my list.

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