Ad Spotlight: The Fabric of Our Lives. – Cotton Ads

“The touch, the feel of cotton. The fabric of our lives.”

These are the words that has been instilled in my mind since I can remember. I remember the melody of the song as the commercial runs on television with little kids running around, or a couple dining out about town. Cotton Inc., has resonated in my mind as the fabric of choice.

Looking at their consumer ads, each of them represent what the fabric of cotton really brings. It’s soft. It’s wrinkle-free. It’s stain-resistant. Cotton is everything but. The versatility of this fabric is limitless.

The idea of the advertisement is for the consumer to look at the tag. With the colorful photographs, different color tags, and a cleverly written copy, it already sends a signal in your head, and you say, “Oh…I get it.” with a smile. At least that’s how it came to me.

It’s simple, but it says it all. Little words can mean big things, and Cotton Inc. accomplished that.

When ads like this make it out, there’s really not doubt in my mind that I did make the right choice to pursue a career in advertising. You don’t need to make an extravagant Super Bowl-type  ad to get your message across. Something like Cotton can go a long way and its message will forever live in our minds.

To view all the Cotton Ad Campaign, click here.
Watch the TV Commercials here.

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