Oh my god, Omigod you guys!

Oh my god, Omigod you guys indeed! I saw Legally Blonde – The Musical this past Wednesday and it was great! It really was “An Elle of a show!”

I enjoy watching musicals and plays. Put on something entertaining, something catchy, and I’m so there! But it all didn’t start out that way with this musical.

At first when I heard Legally Blonde was made into a musical, I thought, “Oh…you’ve got to be kidding me!” It was the lamest idea ever. Then a couple of years past and I caught a glimpse — no, I caught the entire musical on MTV as they were about to close the show on Broadway, and that’s when I thought it was amazing! That is no exaggeration. It was fresh and fun…it lived to the whole movie as well. I’ve never seen so much pink, so much energy…you will literally tap your feet and you wouldn’t be able to help it but smile. The lyrics are cleverly written, the rhyming scheme flowed so well all throughout each song.

Back to the show on Wednesday, they’re only here for a week, and I was not going to pass this opportunity up. At 7:30 pm, the curtains rose, and I was mouthing all the words to the song, “Omigod You Guys”.

The American Musical Theatre in San Jose has a small stage, so some of the sets that I saw on TV was not on stage that day. The had to make some modifications, but it worked nonetheless. The essence of Elle still lived.

Now that I have the soundtrack, I can sing along with Elle along with the Delta Nu girls, and release my inner blonde any time of day that I so desire. Legally Blonde, that is.

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