Feed Me: Getting Graphic

I recently purchased this book from Amazon called Blankets [by Craig Thompson].  when I went to San Francisco to tour my friend from Texas for the weekend, we went to this little boutique called Little Otsu. It’s a quaint little shop with stationeries galore and interesting books that will be buried if it was placed in large bookstores.

I flipped and peruse through some pages of this giant-600 page comic book, and i immediately took an interest. intrigued by the content, and the drawings, i put it on my list of “must-read” books.

the drawings are inspiring! it makes me really want to further create my bubblesquat collection, which i’ve been working on right now as we speak. i can’t say how i’m going to do it yet, but if you refer back to the previous post , you’ll see what i plan on doing with it.

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