that’s the key. i’ve spent many countless moments trying to find some ways to make time for this, make time for that. and the missing ingredient to this recipe is prioritize. that’s what i was lacking. the ultimate grand flavor!

in recent years, i found myself lost and unable to move forward because of a certain poison that left me immobile. well now that i have courage to root out all the bad things in my life – detox, i guess is a good choice of word, i can now sort my life in order. this is not much of a goals list…it’s more of a plans list. plans that will help me stay in focus and not go astray…or should i say, disarray?

it all boils down to this…my list:

  • avoid procrastination at all cost. if it can be avoided, kudos for you! at least try and make an effort.
  • no more “fuck-ups”. you’re too old for that! well, lessen it.
  • stay focus. stay focus on the little things before looking at the big picture.
  • no more drama. i’m serious. you’ve had enough of that. let live and let go.
  • finish what you’ve started. and that counts for everything.
  • keep your promises.
  • keep secrets that are told.
  • stop being lazy. the real world is full of lazy people.
  • if you can’t get your foot at the door, throw your shoe inside!
  • stay healthy. stay fit.
  • be more consistent.
  • love and be loved.
  • tear some walls down.
  • be vulnerable when the moment is right.
  • be happy.
  • be true.

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