how do i make it a point to start cooking? sure i watch a lot of cooking channel, and the food network is one of my favorite cable networks on tv, but having a small kitchen and the lack of cooking hardware is a big bummer. :::sad face:::

back in texas, i used to cook! not all the time, but more often than today. now, i cook once to never. eating out and home-cookin’ from relatives are the only outlet, or rather options i have to put in my mouth

i’m capable to create some amazing stuff in the kitchen. but the lack of inspiration is hindering me to perform. i have yet to create a specialty of my own. maybe this is the year to start something. afterall, i am changing some parts of my life, right? none of those distractions anymore. and we all know what i mean when i say distractions.

anyway, i’m starting to digress. let’s steer it right back!

cooking! i need to start! i may need to ease into it. little by little. yesterday i made pancakes and cooked some bacon, but it doesn’t really take rocket scientist to make those…even a fool can make those! pasta? burgers? filipino [i don’t really know about this one yet]? italian dishes? pizza? rice dish? dessert? gah! the options are endless!

2 thoughts on “cook?

  1. On the same page with you on this one. How about we buy each other some nice cookwear, cook something somewhat fancy, say, once a week, and then share the final product online?

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