Un-love Story

When I saw this movie the first time I instantly fell in love with it. I saw it the second time and the third time, I became hooked. You ask, how could you honestly fall in love with a movie that doesn’t have a happy ending? Well, as much as it’s been labeled a “romantic comedy”, it really isn’t. Well, we all sympathize with Tom [Joseph Gordon-Levitt], but what about Summer [Zooey Deschanel]? She’s not the bitch or a bitch. She was just confused…torn…the two of them are just in different paths and not meeting in the middle. relationships, though they do require a lot of work, it also has to be effortless. Ah, a contradictory statement, yes i know…an oxymoron — but it does make sense. Relationship does require a lot of work, but passion needs to come without effort. We don’t work on passion. If it’s there, then it’s there. sigh.

Well, 500 days of summer is a great indie film. It touches people in the right spot which is why i think a lot of people enjoyed the movie. It’s just one of those things that just makes you ponder — and right now, I am pondering.

Nothing is fate. Nothing is meant to be. It just happens.

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