Too Adventurous?

Just getting back from snowboarding, I rustled up my keys at the front door, to get into the house. My mother asked me how the snow was up there, and my instant reply (pretty much to everything) was, “It’s fine”. which was true. I mean, it was good! It was nice…the powder was great! The runs were so-so, and I got hit twice: once by a snowboarder and another one by a skier. But…even if I tell her every detail, every mundane things, and the eventful stuff…she still wouldn’t get it. Well, she’ll eliminate the first few things I’ve mentioned and focus on the “I got hit twice” part. And that’s when all the questions and restrictions will happen.

I drove back home from mike’s house (my friend, where i had left my car) in walnut creek, to San Jose. “Why are you so adventurous?” “You’re too adventurous!” She would always say (with this motherly look on her face) about the feats i dare to explore. I don’t really think I’m an adventure junkie…i just like to have some fun! Add flavor into my soul! Spice up my life! I have this life that was given to me or lent to me, and I can do whatever I please. I know I limits. I know when to stop…I know how to take control. I just like to divulge into things — a path that I choose to explore.

You see…my time, or our generation is completely different. Not only that, but the world that I’ve come to adapt embraced me with open arms. I’ve assimilated to the culture, to the lifestyle, to the ways of living. While the older generation…other than the obvious, they also came from another world. a different life from the life I lead. They’ve had their share of adventure or whatever that was lived then. They’ve shared stories with me and my sister. With family. I would like to create my own unique stories, my own path in life…my own mark.


When i was little, around four or five, I would swim in the deep end of the pool, and I don’t like anyone holding me back — restricting me from what i can do, what I can conquer. She already thought iI was too adventurous then. I was fearless.


Well, I’ve learned where and when to draw the line.

So, am I really that adventurous? Whatever. I just like to experience life as much as I can.

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